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12.29.00 - UNIX-Fu.ORG gets a mascot
12.29.00 - Finished working on the site
12.29.00 - Put some finishing touches on the site
12.30.00 - Finished sorting thro ugh radio selections
12.30.00 - Site went live
12.30.00 - UNIX-Fu.ORG loses it's mascot

UNIX-Fu.ORG gets a mascot!
UNIX-Fu.ORG loses it's mascot

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Our new mascot

So I work in a datacenter. For those who don't know what a datacenter is, it's a place with much machinery and bandwidth basically. So anyway, I'll usually step outside for a smoke then head back in and get back to whatever work I was doing etc. So anyhow, one dayI'm outside having a smoke, and I see this little gray kitten. I called it over, but it only ran any time I went near it. This went on for about 3 weeks. So during that duration, we had done different things for it like bringing it some food from our dinner and the such since it was freezing outside and the poor thing had no food. So to make a long story short, tonight 12-29-00 at around 9:30PM EST, I was outside for a smoke again, and saw the kitten. Now, since these past few weeks others had been bringing it food and someone had actually set up a box with a blanket in it(really cool) for the cat to have a pseudo-warm place to sleep. However, the cat doesn't like that box.

So I decided to attempt to pet it's head figuring the worst that happens is it scratches me. It didn't however; it just sat their and let me pet it. So after a few seconds of waiting to see how it would act next, I put my hand down. It slowly walked towards my hand, and then rubbed it's face against it. Then I went upstairs to get work done. So it's around 12:25AM EST when I'm about to head out and the minute I walked out, the cat came running over from across the way to greet me. So I bent down and pet it some and then I started to walk away. I noticed however that I wasn't alone in walking. The cat was taking every step I took looking up at me and following me. I had brought up the topic of bringing this cat home a while ago but noone went for the idea. Nowthere was a winter storm warning perhaps 14 inches they said. After I had pet this cat some, I picked it up only to feel skin and bones. It had barely any meat on it. I thought to myself "This cat's going to die tonight". So to make a longer story even shorter, I went to the cardboard heap, found a box and put the blanket in there with the cat on top. I put it in my car and continued on my journey home.

To sum it up, driving with a kitten loose in the car is not fun, it is in every way distracting. I couldn't smoke for 20 minutes while I let it stay out which sucked and it kept going in between my foot and the brake. I eventually pulled over and put it back in it's box. It had already gotten out once, and wanted out again. This time I thought I was being smart by putting the opening of the box against the car's seat. So I'm driving holding the box so that the flaps don't open and let it out, and about 10 minutes before I get near my house, I look in the rearview and see a little head looking at me. The cat had gotten out. It's asleep right now after a long night of eating and drinking.

That's how we got our new mascot, Akeel. For any of those who wonder why the hell I named it Akeel: Akeel means "intelligent" in Arabic.

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